Saturday, May 14, 2011

Groupdraw Super Public Rebirth in NYC?

Valerie Leige
I need a Wacom tablet so I can start contributing.

Cold Bacon
oh shit. if that's all it takes... i'll send u one tomorrow. shiiiit.

Cold Bacon

Cold Bacon
i mean. i don't name names on the videos even though 20 people may have contributed. but it's not like i'm making $ off it. so ... plus i don't even know who does what sometime. people are free to post comments and claim credit. and also if i ever do get a real gallery going and sell stills of these things in frames? then i can cut the other people in.

Valerie Leige
If you have an old one laying around, then fine, but don't put yourself out for me.
The brilliant part of your work is the concept. GDSP stills might initially sell a bit to people involved in creating them, or designers looking for the nex...t big kitsch, but I think it's the fact that your events and artmaking process literally constitute a creative community hub that will be the thing that garners recognition and, hopefully, funding. Maybe you should put a proposal together and apply for an NEA grant or even a MacArthur Genius Grant. Seriously. A girl in Austin got one for writing a short play a day for a year. And I'm pretty sure the flashmob Random Acts of Culture people got grants, as well. Grants would give you the ability to essentially create a LAN cafe specifically devoted to GDSP, or even the equipment to create a mobile setup for surprise events in public places.
It could be very cool.

Cold Bacon
are you trying to get in my pants?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

prompting the question

" you always scan your lettuce before you eat it?"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

cold bacon artist in residence program

Apply now for your position in the Cold Bacon Artist In Residence Program. Design and create your installations in the Cold Bacon Art Space located just ten minutes from where you’ll be staying. During your stay you’ll enjoy:

Luxurious living space

(chair can be replaced with air mattress if required)

Free internet.

Complimentary mirror.

Minimal indoctrination.

A lot of grass.

(actual yard may vary)


More internet.

All the equipment you will need.

Maximum stay time: 2 weeks.

another long day at the art gallery

a rush to get home...

legit sized video here.

Friday, April 11, 2008

future home of coldbacon super public (v. 1.0)

this is a very special street by the way.*

* The Cold Bacon artist is a reluctant artist. It is someone who has as much or as little talent as any would-be Chelsea artist in Manhattan, but for some reason or another has taken a different path. It is someone who is as likely to spend time alone in a virtual or private world creating works of art never to be seen or enjoyed by the broader audience at large. It is someone capable of greatness, yet living in anonymity. In my ten years of internet travels, I have found such people. I have discovered the most unexpected and truly inspiring talent hidden behind geographical and psychological distances. It is time to use the modern tools now readily at our disposal and bring these talents out from the shadows.